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Refuge and Resource

Mind Body Practices for Trauma and Resiliency while finding Refuge through the Resource of the Body

Sliding Scale Starting at $100.00
*Scholarships are available.

Five-Week Series
Begins September 14, 2020
90 minutes


6-7:30 pm EST

This workshop will offer to participants how to find within themselves the necessary skills for self-regulation and open up a window to refuge within the body and our connection to Life. We will utilize various components of the contemplative practices including meditation, breathwork, movement and workshop what we are all experiencing in our nervous systems.


Participants will gain not only a broader understanding of how traumatic events affect the nervous system but also how utilizing mind body practices can help us regulate our nervous systems and afford us an opening to wisdom and compassion.


As we continue navigating through this pandemic and the uncertainty that many of us may be experiencing personally, politically even spiritually how can we utilize our greatest resource - the Body itself and our conscious connection to it - to find refuge.


Gina will offer a variety of mind body practices including meditation, breathwork, Qi Gong, and dharma to help us work with the trauma of the current situation which may also be bringing up past trauma which may be felt as anxiety, depression, dissociation and grief.



Within each of us is not only the ability to heal but to find refuge in our connection to ourselves, each other and this crazy thing called being Life.

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