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Upcoming Workshos

Upcoming Workshops

I am always working on my next workshop! Follow me on eventbrite for updates. 

Previous Workshos

Previous Workshops

May 15th, Saturday @ 11 am EDT

g. and michael h qi gong master class..p

January  14, 2021

Mind Body Practices for Trauma, Resiliency and Wellness

by Institute for the Development of Human Arts


March 18, 2021

The Usual Suspects: A Lovingkindness Meditation

A discussion/workshop on the fundamentals of LovingKindness Meditation, why it's useful and what, as well as whom, can arise as we practice.

Join Writer/Director as well as meditation practitioner Todd Strauss-Schulson in a lively discussion and practice session with Contemplative Based Trauma and Resiliency educator, meditation teacher, humanitarian activist and founder of The Nachan Project Gina de la Chesnaye as they take a deep dive into LovingKindness Meditation.

Lovingkindness Meditation, also known as “Metta” and one of the four Brahma Viharas in the Buddhist tradition - is the active wish for the well-being of Others. We offer this to the Beloved, the Neutral and the Difficult person in our lives but first we offer it to Ourselves.

May you be happy, may you be peaceful, may you be safe, may you be at ease.

by Todd Strauss-Schulson & Gina de la Chesnaye

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